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Heavy Lifting Services

Our experienced team provides heavy lifting services to make your moving and storage experience easier. We can help with loading and unloading a PODS or storage unit, and can even provide assistance with rearranging a room. Our team is highly experienced and takes great care to ensure that all your items are handled with the utmost care.

At Brink Movers, LLC., our experienced team can handle all your heavy lifting needs. Whether you want to rearrange a room, switch out furniture, or make room for a family gathering, we can help you make the space you need. Our reliable and knowledgeable staff can move items into storage or rearrange existing furniture to create the perfect space.

Storage Corridor
Modern Living Room
Men Carrying Shelving Unit
Moving Truck
Organizing Boxes

We have the muscles to do the heavy lifting for you!

Our heavy lifting service is perfect for any project requiring heavy lifting. Whether you want to rearrange a room and need assistance with furniture that is too heavy for you to move on your own, or you need to make room for a home office setting, our experienced team of professionals can help. We provide a safe and efficient service to ensure that all your heavy lifting needs are met.

We specialize in heavy lifting services for customers who need help moving their belongings. Our services involve loading and unloading items onto UHaul trucks, and moving items into attics, garages, or storage facilities.

However, we are not a moving company and do not provide transportation services.

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