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Appliance and Furniture Services

At Brink Movers, LLC., we understand the importance of safely transporting large items like furniture and appliances. That's why we use a brand new 12-foot enclosed trailer to ensure your special items are protected from the elements. We also take the extra step of strapping down your items to make sure they don't move during the trip.  We offer contactless pickup of the items when you provide a picture of the receipt, the full name of the customer that purchased them, and the delivery address.

And for an extra 50% discount, we'll even offer furniture assembly and removal of your old items.


Furniture Delivery

Brink Movers, LLC. provides furniture delivery services from the store to your door. We have a new 12-foot enclosed trailer to safely deliver your items, ensuring that each piece is wrapped, padded, and strapped into the trailer for safe and efficient transport. With our furniture delivery services, you can rest assured that your furniture will arrive in perfect condition.


Furniture Assembly

At Brink Movers, LLC., we understand that sometimes new furniture items need to be assembled to be enjoyed. That's why we offer furniture assembly services to help you make the most of your purchases. We can put the legs on your new couch, connect your new sectional, and put your new tables or beds together. Let us help you get your furniture up and ready for use!


Furniture Removal

Brink Movers, LLC. can help you remove old, outdated, or broken furniture quickly and easily. We understand that sometimes it's necessary to make room for the new, so we make sure to dispose of all items in an ecofriendly manner. If the furniture is still in good condition, we will donate it to those in need.


Appliance Delivery

Brink Movers, LLC. offers reliable and professional appliance delivery. We have a new 12-foot enclosed trailer to ensure that all of your new appliances are safely transported from the store to your door. All of your items are carefully wrapped, padded, and strapped in for safe transit. With Brink Movers, LLC, you can count on your appliances arriving safely and on time.


Appliance Removal

If you've bought a new appliance and need the old one removed and recycled, our junk removal service is the perfect choice. We'll come to your home, remove the old appliance, and ensure it's disposed of responsibly.  As an ecofriendly company, we recycle all unwanted appliances.

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When you choose Brink Movers, LLC. for your delivery, assembly, or removal needs, you can expect a smooth and hassle-free experience!

Initial Consultation - We start by understanding your specific requirements and logistics.  Whether you need furniture delivered to your new home, assistance with assembling new items, or removal of unwanted belongings, we gather all of the necessary details to provide you with a tailored solution.


Planning and Logistics - Our team will develop a comprehensive plan for the delivery, assembly, or removal process.  We consider factors such as item size, weight, fragility, and any special handling requirements to ensure a seamless and efficient service.


Careful Handling and Transport - Our experienced team will handle your items with the utmost care, ensuring they are securely packed and protected during transit.  We use proper padding and straps to minimize the risk of damage or breakage of your items.


Professional Assembly - If assembly is requested, our skilled team will expertly assemble your furniture, equipment, or other items according to manufacturer instructions.  We have the necessary tools and expertise to complete the assembly quickly and accurately.


Removal and Disposal - In the case of unwanted belongings, we offer removal and disposal services.  Our team will safely remove and dispose of unwanted items from your property. 

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